The " Art de la table "

Tray with FlowerAll products are individually crafted by hand and painted by artisans in the Rift Valley. There is a range of varied and beautifully finished products and gifts, each individually created with the utmost care and attention. This is the result of the work of a fantastic team of women and men as qualified carpenters, painters and decorators - wonderful artists who create the design.

Each artist receives a commission on each item sold representing his/her design.

The product range consists of :


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Decorative trays :

Completely handmade from the design to the finished object. These beautiful trays are made from a combination of wood: Cypress and MDF. They are then painted and decorated with high gloss lacquer finish. Paints and varnishes are lead-free and non-toxic. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth or a damp sponge but should not be immersed in water.

Whatever the occasion, these trays are fabulous decorative objects but also very useful for serving breakfast, tea or coffee and will become your favorite TV tray.

Table mats and Coasters

All Table mats and coasters are first hand-cut and hand-painted and then decorated with beautiful prints of works by talented artists or decorated by other artists who paint a design directly onto each object.

The Coasters and placemats are finished with a matt lacquer which allows them to be easily wiped after a meal with a damp cloth or sponge. They must not be fully immersed in water. They have a non-slip fabric which means that once on the table, they will not slip or scratch a fragile table.

They are resistant to heat, but not resistant to casserols just out of the oven.

1 . Table mat with Zebra stripes

2 . Guinea fowl feathers and stripes table mat

3 . Table mat with Africa map of 1812

4 . TV Tray guinea fowl -1 left

5 . Tray Cheetah

6 . Medium Tray with lion -sold out

7 . Tray with Flower

8 . Lunch Tray guinea fowl

9 . Tea Tray Wilderbeast migration

10 . Products of tableware

11 . 4 place mats with stripe

12 . 4 place mats with guinea fowl feathers

13 . Big tray with Zebra bottoms black ans white

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Table mat with Zebra stripes
Products of tableware