A cosmetic line of organic products with exotic perfumes

All these products are sold outNo preservatives and the products are handmade from fresh ingredients. Their packaging and design are typically from East Africa.
The soaps are perfumed with unusual essential 'bush' oils and so these products are extremely rare. The packaging can be used again for other functions (jewelry box, etc.)

Our supplier's company has been going for over 10 years and is located in the central part of Kenya. Its owners employ more than 50 people on site and provides employment to groups of women who collect resine from northern Kenya. This company has developed an original line of wellness products from African forest and savanna. The essential oils obtained are part of a collection of products that provides an important source of livelihood for a nomadic population devoid of any income. The products are presented in a very elegant banana leaf box or in wooden bowl handcrafted from a Cape chestnut or pepper tree.

Our Products

  • A set of four 60 gramme soaps packed in an elegant hand crafted banana fibre box. The soaps are made from wild harvested Cape Chestnut oil and perfumed with spices and essential oils from wild aromatic plants.
    The hand craft banana fiber box could be reusable for your jewellery deposit and is a wonderful gift: ethical and exotic present full of wonderful soaps.
  • Packed in an elegant handmade wooden bowl, choose the perfume you wish for these beautiful products. Two different types of wood are used to elaborate the bowl : Cape chesnut or Peppertree wood. As you can see, each wooden is unique and contains one soap of your choice.
  • Cold-pressed soaps made from Cape Chesnut essentiel oils and a subtil mixture of other different essential oils, some of which are very rare as the bushes only grow in a certain area of the Rift Valley.

Four different perfumes for these soaps :

  • Cinnamon & Sedge : A luxurious exfoliating soap made from wild harvested Cape Chestnut oil, aromatic spices and the essential oil of a wild sedge.
  • Myrrh et Leleshwa : The myrrh oils, hagar and malmal invigorate the immune system. They are also skin regenerative.
  • Wild basil & geranium : a mix of essential oils for a skin repairing effect.
  • Lippia & Lavender : a mix of essential oils of Lippia and Lavender for a calming effect.


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Life is very difficult for pastoralist communities in northern Kenya. They live in inhospitable areas with more pronounced and more frequent droughts and often seek pasture for their flocks in vain. The prevailing insecurity is governed by hunger, the neighboring tribes with the same problem of lack of water trying to catch any animal and endless battles take place until the next rains. Total dependence on food usually means major insecurity. But there is an alternative in these arid lands because of drought-resistant shrubs which are present. These are species of Boswellia and Commiphora that produce aromatic resins of Myrrh and Frankincense. After laboratory tests in Nairobi, it has been discovered that the essential oils produced from these resins are exceptional and now the traceability of these oils is certified under the IMO KE-BIO-143 standard. Two areas of northern Kenya have been certified and it has started to create recurring revenue for the people who live on the premises. People who collect these resins are mainly womens groups .They spend their income on basic necessities of life : food and program education for children plus the creation of a clinic for diseases that "we Europeans" seem bénignes. It goes without saying that because of this, security problems are greatly reduced.


1 . All these products are sold out

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