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Red bag UrbanThis line of products includes handbags, makeup bags and purses, wallets and credit card holders.

The materials used are from locally made leather, local suede leather and waterproofed canvas used in manufacturing Safari tents. These materials are of an exceptional quality and are very robust, especially the "Safari chic" handbags.

These bags are lined with kangas, a typical material of vivid colours from East Africa.

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Handbags and accessories

Our bags come from two areas in Kenya.

The first: the bags in suede leather come from an area in the center of Kenya, Nyahururu, the town of Thomson's Falls. It involves a group of disabled women and men who have found their 'way' in producing these high quality items. This group is a member of the association "Arche" that has representations in all developing countries and especially for disabled people.

The second: the bags in canvas and leather, "Safari Chic" help a community of young women in the suburbs of Nairobi and the bags are designed by a young Kenyan Stylist. The women are acquiring the know-how from Anthony who creates the design and who provides employment for these women.

1 . beige Urban bag

2 . Beige Urban bag details

3 . Inside the Urban beige

4 . beige Urban bag 1

5 . Brown Urban bag

6 . Inside the Urban brown

7 .

8 . Dark blue Urban bag details

9 . Dark blue Urban bag

10 . Turquoise Urban bag

11 . Inside the Urban turquoise

12 . Urban bag brown

13 . Urban bag red

14 . Inside the Urban dark blue

15 . Urban dark blue

16 . Red bag Urban

17 .

18 . Red Urban Details

19 . Inside the Urban red bag

20 . Turquoise Urban bag details

21 . Orange urban bag

22 . Orange urban bag inside

23 . Orange Urban bag details

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Inside the Urban brown
Inside the Urban red bag