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Duma Duka is proud to present the product line KAZURI, which means small and beautiful in Swahili. Kazuri is a trademark of hand painted ceramic jewelry, made by women in Kenya.

Each bead is hand crafted by one of the 340 local women employed by Kazuri. The beads are fired in ovens for the first time heated at 1,060 Celsius and hardened, then hand painted by women who permeate their culture. The beads go back to the ovens to be fired a second time at the same temperature for their shimmering colors. A third firing of the beads provides the glaze of the high quality finish.

Founded in 1975 by the late Lady Susan Wood, Kazuri continues to create jobs for disadvantaged women. The workshop is located in Karen, on part of the land of the former farm of Karen Blixen.

Karen is a small town named after Karen Blixen, the famous author of her fabulous autobiography "Out Of Africa".

Duma Duka never goes to Kenya without stopping off for several days for a 'return to the roots' on one hand and to meet and support this community of extraordinary women on the other.

In an age of mass production of products, Duma Duka and Kazuri work on a different approach - one of preserving rare and beautiful individual unique items. Each ceramic bead is handmade, each piece of jewelry is unique. Indeed, many beads are shaped by the personal touches of Kenyan women who decorate each bead and design the necklaces. More than beauty, the decoration of the beads is inspired by the women's inherited soul of their region of origin. The evocative names of these necklaces come from geographical areas, tribes and other features of the fabulous landscapes of Kenya. They resonate with the organic nature of clay that comes from his land.

A Kazuri necklace, is more than a lovely piece of jewelry, it is a piece of Kenya!


Autumn Winter 2019


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Made entirely by hand in Kenya, Kazuri jewelry is made up of ceramic beads.

Each pearl of a necklace is rolled and shaped by hand by one of the 340 women employed by Kazuri.

Full medical coverage is offered to employees and their relatives : 80% of medical costs in a public hospital are covered by Kazuri. In addition, a clinic is located on the grounds of the property for basic medical care, AIDS prevention and family planning.

Through its social commitment and contribution in creating jobs for women in difficulty, it is only normal that the company has the label of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization ) recognising its social commitments to fair trade.



1 .

2 . Necklace Kazuri Zebra 18''

3 . Necklace Kazuri Violet 18''

4 . Necklace Kazuri Beehive 18''

5 . Necklace Kazuri Angela Lavender 18'' and 22''

6 . Necklace Kazuri Pitapat lapis 18''

7 . Necklace Kazuri Bushman 18''

8 . Necklace Kazuri Gabra 18'' and 22''

9 . Necklace Kazuri Ting ting Grape 18'' and 22''

10 .

11 .

12 .

13 . Necklace Kazuri Freefall 18'' and 22''

14 . Necklace Kazuri Scandinavia Blue 18''

15 . Necklace Kazuri Scandinavia Kaleidoscope 18''

16 .

17 .

18 .

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Necklace Kazuri Pitapat lapis 18''