Ethical and responsible products from Kenya

The products we propose include ceramic jewelry, handbags and makeup bags with a Masai design, completely natural essential oils shower and bath products and chic decoration to lay the table with an exotic touch.

All our products have a superb finish and meet the values of Duma Duka.

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Our Showroom is now open

You'll find many unique items in a relaxed atmosphere.
Our showroom can only be visited by appointments.


Télécharger le projet éléphants 2019 de DUMA DUKA, commencé en 2018

Projet de sauvegarde des éléphants orphelins

Télécharger la collection 2020 de sacs de luxe en cuir de vachette du Kenya

Des sacs magnifiques fait main d'une superbe qualité avec une touche Française