Ethical and responsible

Our charterWe buy our totally natural products directly from our suppliers in Kenya. The products may be traced from the raw materials used through to the finishing touches and controls prior to shipment. All the products that we select are hand made and the finish is of an exceptional high quality.

We visit our suppliers in Kenya to renew the collections and increase the diversity of the choice of products. We pay our orders in full when we order to enable the artisants to 'live' in their environement and in so doing, participate towards the people earning their own dignity from the work they do, for which they are very proud.

Our vision is to support long-term development and especially, in the short-term, school education. That is why we buy finished products with the original packaging of an exceptional quality. Our project today enables us to contribute towards helping around 500 Kenyans in five different regions.

All our wellness products have a list of ingredients - the ingredients are 100% organic - and carry a Batch number with an expiry date. Indeed, our producers do not use preservatives (or very little when they do) and some containers are opaque so that any sunlight does not effect the natural essential oils used.

The economic model we aim for is a "win- win" partnership with our suppliers but also with our customers. Our suppliers contribute to maintaining several species of trees by protecting and using them. The local populations harvest the seeds and resins several times a year. Being remunerated for this work, the population looks after and protects the trees. The influence is noticable on the surrounding vegetation.

The hand made products come from endemic and "exhaustible" natural resources in certain areas of the Rift Valley, which is why the model is based on quantity limitations in agreement and in line with the values of our suppliers.

Our charter

Our charter